Aluminum Matrix Composites CNC Machining

Aluminum Matrix Composites CNC Machining

Ohio Carbon Blank provides CNC machining of aluminum metal matrix composites (AMMC’s). These aluminum composites are used primarily for management of thermal loads in temperature critical electrical components and structures. These materials exhibit both excellent thermal conductivity properties and minimal dimensional change during extreme temperature variations. The unique properties of these copper composites enhance system performance and reliability in critical RF, microwave or electro mechanical devices.

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Our CNC machining allows close tolerance machining of specifically designed shapes for maximum surface interface to mating electronics and bonding dependent upon the application. All parts are dimensionally documented to ensure proper assembly and performance. Part handling includes protection from contamination for subsequent cleaning and plating applications.

Machining of AMMC parts often begins via a model or 3D CAD file (SDR, IGES, STEP and several other formats). The high-speed CNC milling offers good surface finish capabilities and the generation of contoured or sharp cornered features as required for many part designs. Our VISI CAM software optimizes cutter path to ensure minimum cycle times. Dimensional inspection records are generated via wireless gauging, CMM or statistical sampling.

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