How do I request a quote or place an order?

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 448-8887
Fax No: (440) 953-5829
Order online with The Graphimator

When can I expect delivery of my products?

Lead times vary depending on the product. Some items are pre-made and are already on the shelf and can ship immediately if ordered by 2:30 pm Eastern, custom ground blanks require 1-3 business days, while other more complicated jobs require a bit more time. Please refer to your quote/order confirmation to know for sure.

How does Ohio Carbon Blank ship orders placed?

Ohio Carbon Blank generally ships orders via UPS. However, if another courier such as FedEx is preferred, OCB will accommodate customer requests.

Does Ohio Carbon Blank ship orders internationally?

No, we are only serving North American territories at this time.

Can I pick my order up?

Yes if you are local, Ohio Carbon Blank allows customers to pick up their orders. Please see our Contact Us page for our specific location.

How can I pay for my order?

Ohio Carbon Blank accepts VISA, Master Card, and American Express for instant placement of orders. In order to pay via purchase order all customers must submit a credit Application form that can be found here

What is Ohio Carbon Blank's quality certification?

Ohio Carbon Blank is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Click here to view our certification.

Can Ohio Carbon Blank machine customer supplied materials?

Ohio Carbon Blank can and is willing to machine customer supplied materials depending on the material in question. Please call a Sales Representative at 1-800-448-8887 for further information.

Will Ohio Carbon Blank buy back scrap graphite?


Does Ohio Carbon Blank supply graphite for non-EDM purposes?

Yes Ohio Carbon Blank is able to supply all of our graphite grades for non-EDM purposes as requested by our customers. If you have a very specific request please head to our Request For Quote to have our qualified engineers take a look.

Does Ohio Carbon Blank have a minimum order quantity?

Yes, a portion of our products sold do have minimum quantities. Please contact a member of our sales team for more information (1-800-448-8887).

Where can I learn more about Graphite, EDM, and other industry applications?

Ohio Carbon Blank offers a wide variety of information regarding our graphite and graphite related applications. Our resource center contains informative articles, tools and videos and our blog offers additional resource materials. Be sure to explore both!