GLASS & JEWELRY Applications

Graphite is a popular material used in glassmaking and jewelry making applications, and this is mainly attributed to the material’s remarkable thermal properties.


Many graphite materials can endure tremendous amounts of heat, are thermally conductive and exhibit minimal expansion when heated. Lower CTE’s [thermal expansion coefficients] mitigate glass and metals sticking to their respective mold cavities, which is great when working with glass and precious metals.


Ohio Carbon Blank has been providing graphite materials and graphite machining services for an array of glass and jewelry manufacturers; producing custom glass making tools, glass handling products, ingot molds, crucibles, casting dies, and various other products specific to these industries.


Via a print or solid model, Ohio Carbon Blank can custom manufacture nearly any graphite product. Whether you seek custom graphite molds, custom graphite tools, glass forming tools, a special ingot mold for your precious metals, or even crucibles to house your molten materials, we have you covered! Contact the graphite experts today!

  • Glassmaking Tools
  • Glass Handling
  • Graphite Crucibles
  • Pokers & Shapers
  • Graphite Plates & Trays
  • Graphite Ingot Molds
  • Reamers & Paddles
  • Graphite Fixturing
  • Graphite Mold Dies
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