AUTOMOTIVE Applications

Today’s automotive industry relies on a significant amount of plastic these days. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find an automobile [or any form of transportation] that did not contain plastic components; from headlight fixtures, nose grills, fluid containers, and various dashboard components, to electrical housings and speaker covers.


A good number of these plastic components require plastic injection molding or some kind of casting process to form the end product. Special tools and dies are typically required, and the production of this tooling often requires electrical discharge machining. Ohio Carbon Blank has been supplying custom graphite electrodes and EDM graphite materials to the automotive industry for more than 40 years now.


Aluminum is another popular material frequently used in the automotive industry. Being soft and somewhat malleable, the material is often formed using stamping and extrusion operations, and these operations sometimes use punch dies and extrusion dies made from carbon graphite materials.


Via a print or solid model, Ohio Carbon Blank can custom manufacture just about any graphite component and have them machined to your desired specifications. OCB offers an excellent selection of graphite materials, and offers high-speed, precision CNC machining services.


Whether you seek smaller quantities for a prototype, or require dedicated high-volume production, Ohio Carbon Blank can help. Simply upload your drawings and get a quotation today!

  • EDM Applications
  • Casting Dies
  • Punch Dies
  • Extrusion Dies
  • MEM Sensors
  • Energy Storage
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