Ohio Carbon Blank currently supplies graphite materials and precision graphite machining services for an array of mechanical applications; applications ranging from custom fixturing, wear components, gaskets, seals, and pump vanes, to custom hardware and mechanical systems made entirely of graphite.


Typically, these types of products are designed and engineered to withstand heat but that is not always the case. Sometimes graphite is chosen because of its ‘dry lubricating’ properties as well. As the material wears from physical contact, it also lubricates to keep operations running smoothly. The automotive industry, oil and gas industry, and renewable energy sector all use graphite components in this capacity.


Ohio Carbon Blank can manufacture just about anything when it comes to graphite. Machining graphite is our specialty, and we can machine carbon graphite materials to your desired specifications!


High-speed precision CNC machining, modern inspection capabilities, and more than 40 years of graphite machining experience, ensure your products will be machined quickly, accurately, and efficiently each and every time!


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  • Graphite Gaskets
  • Graphite Seals
  • Graphite Rings
  • Graphite Bearings
  • Graphite Bushings
  • Graphite Screws
  • Graphite Nuts & Bolts
  • Graphite Vanes
  • Graphite Pumps
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