It is not uncommon for the aerospace industry to experiment with hard and exotic materials like cobalt, inconel, titanium, titanium alloys, tungsten, tungsten carbide, and a whole host of hardened steels. Machining these materials often requires Electrical Discharge Machining, and Ohio Carbon Blank has been supplying these industries with EDM graphite materials, EDM graphite electrodes, and various other EDM consumables for more than 40 years.


These industries also use graphite materials and our machining services to produce custom furnace components, heating elements, heat treating fixtures, brazing fixtures, sintering trays, heat shields, heatsinks, heat exchangers, cooling racks, rocket nozzles, and a whole host of experimental products.


Via a print or solid model, Ohio Carbon Blank can custom manufacture products to your desired specifications, even when mission critical details are involved. We have an excellent selection of graphite materials to choose from, and offer high-speed, precision CNC machining services for prototypes and high-volume production.


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  • Heat Treating
  • Brazing Applications
  • Sintering Applications
  • Heating Elements
  • Heat Shields
  • Custom Heat Sinks
  • Furnace Components
  • Furnace Fixtures
  • Energy Storage
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