CNC Graphite Machining

Graphite CNC Machining services for your prototypes and high-volume production

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From prototyping to on-demand production, our in-house engineering and quality assurance teams have the capabilities to machine custom graphite products to exact specification.

Our Process


All CNC machining begins with part modeling. From imported models to napkin sketches, we work with our customers to develop manufacturable product designs. Our SolidWorks® CAD and VISI CAM software packages promote both high machining productivity and the flexibility to modify customers’ needs with minimal effort.


Our capabilities include multi-axis (3 +2 axis) CNC machining of prototypes and production quantities. All CNC orders are scheduled, programmed, machined and inspected across a variety of CNC machines. Included in our programming is a review of the most efficient fixturing methods as well as the purchase of tooling to optimize cutter paths and minimize variability due to wear.


Customer driven quality is the focus when processing all of our products. Our ISO9001:2015 based Quality Management System ensures proper training, inspection and documentation for the processing of all orders. We also use the latest inspection technology including the Keyence 3D laser and the FARO Arm devices to ensure dimensional quality.

Our Machining Capabilities


.0002” (.005mm) Machining Precision


16x20x36” Maximum Part Size

ISO9001:2015 Quality Certified