Ohio Carbon Blank offers a variety of graphite materials that are ideal for casting, molding, extruding, stamping, and various other metal forming applications. These particular materials can endure tremendous amounts of heat, are thermally conductive, exhibit minimal expansion when heated, and offer particle sizes and porosities that are conducive to a smoother “end-product” surface finish.


Via a print or solid model, Ohio Carbon Blank can custom manufacture just about any graphite casting product. Machining graphite is our specialty, and we can machine carbon graphite materials to your desired specifications!


High-speed precision CNC machining, modern inspection capabilities, and more than 40 years of graphite machining experience, ensure your products will be machined quickly, accurately, and efficiently each and every time!


Whether you seek custom graphite molds, a crucible for your precious metals, custom tooling, casting dies, punch dies, extrusion dies, or even wear components for your continuous casting applications, we have you covered! Submit your drawings and get a quotation today!

  • Continuous Casting
  • Permanent Casting
  • Die Casting
  • Graphite Molds
  • Punch Dies
  • Extrusion Dies
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