MEDICAL & DENTAL Applications

The medical industries tend to use hard and exotic materials for their tools, tooling and their mold dies. Producing these items often require secondary machining operations like electrical discharge machining to carve out a cavity, introduce mission critical details, or to simply apply threaded holes to a given workpiece.


Ohio Carbon Blank has been servicing this industry for more than 40 years now; supplying EDM graphite materials, EDM graphite electrodes, EDM grade metallics, brass and copper tubes for small hole drilling and a variety of tapping supplies.


Today, these industries are using graphite in some pretty unique and innovative ways. Some materials are being used to make bio-mems [biomedical sensors designed specifically for the human body], some are being used to make implantable carbon nanotubes, some materials have been used to act as a substrate material in the growth of human body tissue, and now there is another emerging graphite application or technology called OOC, organ-on-a-chip technology where organ functions are being simulated on a microchip.


Graphite products are becoming more and more prevalent. Ohio Carbon Blank, the graphite machining experts offer an excellent selection of graphite materials, and high-speed precision CNC machining services. So whether you seek smaller quantities for a prototype, or require dedicated high-volume production, Ohio Carbon Blank can help. Simply upload your drawings or solid models and get a quotation today!

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