For more than 40 years, Ohio Carbon Blank has been one of the leading suppliers of graphite materials and various EDM consumables for the electrical discharge machining industry. Electrical Discharge Machining is a popular machining technique used when dealing with exotic materials that are often too difficult to machine using conventional methods.


When it comes to graphite materials, Ohio Carbon Blank offers a large number to choose from; materials ideal for roughing applications, materials designed for finishing applications, and some suitable for both. Ohio Carbon Blank offers a selection of copper impregnated materials too, which is perfect when machining really tough materials, or when really intricate details are involved.


OCB offers a variety of other consumables for your sinker EDM applications as well; brass & copper tubes for small hole drilling, graphite tapping electrodes [for machining or repairing threads], and an array of metallic electrode materials too.


Besides raw materials and starter blanks, Ohio Carbon Blank is also known for their high-speed, precision machining services. We can machine just about any graphite electrode and in most cases have it quoted and shipped within 3-5 business days. Simply send us your CAD file or solid model for a quotation today.


Most products can be easily ordered using our patented online ordering system called The Graphimator. You can easily quote or order custom sized graphite blanks, brass & copper tubes, tapping electrodes, and our Quick-Change electrodes which include common slots and hole patterns to match your tool holders.


  • Roughing Electrodes
  • Finishing Electrodes
  • Tapping Electrodes
  • Custom Electrodes
  • Detailed Electrodes
  • Metallic Electrodes
  • Poco Graphite
  • Mersen Graphite
  • Toyo Tanso Graphite
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