CNC Precision Machining

Ohio Carbon Blank offers CNC machining of thermally and electrically conductive materials to customers’ specifications. These materials include: Graphite, Copper Tungsten, Copper Metal Matrix Composites and Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites.

Our machining capabilities includes CNC milling of complex shapes, turning, and both flat and cylindrical grinding to precision tolerances. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality standards ensure the production of machined parts to the required specifications.

We focus on prompt quotation responses and product deliveries. Our material specialists are available to answer your questions regarding material applications and appropriate machining processes. We go beyond the basics for your needs including:

  • - Design to manufacturability development assistance
  • - Special tolerance machining
  • - Special part handling & lot control
  • - Competitive prototype or production pricing
  • - Material certifications
  • - Exemplary customer service

For more information or to place an order, contact Customer Service:
Toll-Free (800) 448-8887