EDM Tubes

EDM Tubes


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High quality brass and copper EDM tubes are widely used in the Tooling (EDM), Mold Making (EDM), and General Manufacturing industries.

EDM applications

  • Starter holes in wire EDM applications
  • Hole placement
  • Discrete part manufacturing

Single and multi-channel tubes are available in both English and metric sizes, and are offered in 300mm and 400mm lengths.

Our high quality brass and copper tubing is sold in packages of 20.

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Brass and Copper Tubes
Single Channel Multi-Channel
.30 mm +.000/-.010" 1.50 mm +.000/-.020"
.40 mm +.000/-.010" 2.00 mm +.000/-.030"
.50 mm +.000/-.020" 2.50 mm +.000/-.030"
.60 mm +.000/-.020" 3.00 mm +.000/-.030"
.70 mm +.000/-.020"    
.80 mm +.000/-.020"    
.90 mm +.000/-.020"    
1.00 mm +.000/-.020"    
1.50 mm +.000/-.020"    
2.00 mm +.000/-.020"    
2.50 mm +.000/-.030"    
3.00 mm +.000/-.030"    

Brass Tubes

Copper Tubes

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